Instrumentation Services

We understand that instrumentation is critical for ensuring stable, accurate and reliable control of process. We offer following instrumentation services:

  • Supply & Installation of Transmitters, Switches & Gauges for Pressure, Temperature Flow and Level application, Control Valves, on / off valves, Breather valves, Safety Valves, panels, junction boxes, cable laying & termination, perforated cable tray work, pedestal fabrication
  • Supply & Installation of DCS and PLC systems, SCADA systems, hazardous area control systems, fire and gas systems and process installation, termination & commissioning of indicators, transmitters and controllers, valves & other field instruments.
  • Supply & Installation including cabling, marshalling panels, instrument air/gas tubing and impulse piping work.
  • Testing, calibration & loop checking through fully trained technicians with certified testing equipment.
  • Specialist knowledge on industrial projects for material selection and procurement related to electrical & instrumentation.
  • Ability to pre-fabricate instrument support & other fabrication work for control packages on or off site.
  • Supply of Manpower like skilled Engineers, Technicians for shut down maintenance, installation and commissioning activities on deputation basis.


We provide commissioning assistance on all size projects by :

  • Deputing Engineers, Supervisors, Instrument Technicians, skilled Fitters and Electricians with the relevant industry experience and competencies.
  • Having people with experience in the commissioning of Instrument & Electrical control systems in a diverse range of processes within any environment.
  • Provide documentation that is traceable to international standards.

Erection-Field Instrumentation

  • Analyzing P&I diagrams.
  • Planning for resource and material.
  • Scheduling the jobs.
  • Getting Clearance/work permit from client.
  • Execution of jobs like cable tray laying, cable laying, support fabrication, instrument erection, tubing etc., as per standards with qualified people.
  • Loop Checking, hydro testing of pipes/airline by QA/QC engineers.
  • Generating QA/QC reports.
  • Submitting of progress report by day-to-day.
  • Assisting for as built drawing

Pre-commissioning & Commissioning – Instrumentation/Rotary

  • Pre commissioning of plant involves testing of cable polarity, rotation, system measurement, analog and digital loop checking etc..
  • Post-Commissioning procedures were followed.
  • The condition monitoring parameters for each equipment were checked and corrected to allowable safe limits. These readings were established as the base line for reference.
  • The final test runs/load tests were conducted to confirm satisfactory performance.

AMC/ARC for Instrumentation

  • Getting work order as per schedule from planning department.
  • Getting work permit from engineer/production department.
  • Execution of jobs like cable laying, fixing/removing of instruments, tubing jobs, laying cable trays etc..
  • Generating QA/QC reports.
  • Submitting of progress reports.
  • Supply of experienced technician on manpower basis
  • Carrying at calibration whenever required
  • Ensuring front availability

Servicing of Control Valves

  • Getting work permits from Client
  • Removing of all type of control valves(ON/OFF valve, butterfly valve etc..)from process line.
  • Dismantling of control valves.
  • Changing of worn out parts/machining if required.
  • Assembling of valves after inspection
  • Stroke checking of control valves/calibration of positioners
  • Painting
  • Fixing back to the service line

Calibration of instrument

  • Calibration of all instrument (flow, pressure, temperature level)shall be carried out after the instruments.
  • Instruments shall be calibrated as per the range given by clients.
  • Calibration shall be done by using standard calibrators which shall be calibrated periodically by NABL certifying agencies.
  • Calibration shall be made and handed over to clients
  • If instrument error is more informing to clients
  • Report generation

Shutdown Activities

  • Fully conversant with location and the type of job to be carried out.
  • Clearly understands the scope of work and asses the requirement of resources required to complete the work in scheduled time.
  • Preparing plan for execution of jobs and getting clearance/work permits/instructions from EIC.
  • Execution of jobs includes execution of all preceding and connected jobs.
  • Submitting periodical/stage wise work progress report.
  • Disposal of surplus, unusable outside premises after completion of jobs.
  • House Keeping
  • Reconciliation of materials/return of surplus, unusable, free issue material back to store.
  • Generating Inspection/QC report in the prescribed format.